CI: School of Evangelization

Coming Fall 2020

CI: School of the Holy Spirit

Coming Fall 2021

St. Teresa of Calcutta Handouts

Module 4

Lesson 1: Christina Smith - Prayer and the Old Covenant

Lesson 2: Deacon Gannon - Prayer in the Son and the Spirit

Lesson 3: Deacon Gannon - Wellsprings, Ways & Guided Prayer

Lesson 4: Jeff Cavins - Lectio Divina

Lesson 5: Elizabeth Kelly - Contemplative Prayer  -  John of the Cross

Lesson 6: Joe Kueppers - Battling to Pray  -  Psalm 51 & Lenten Prayer

Lesson 7: Fr. Klockeman 

Lesson 8: Deacon Gannon

     Powerpoint for Lesson 8:

Lesson 9: Deacon Michalak

Lesson 10: Deacon Michalak


Module 3

Intro: Deacon Joe Michalak

Mod 3 REV Intro Mod Beat Free 1691-1748

Powerpoint for Intro: Module 3-Introduction

Lesson 1: Deacon Joe Michalak

Mod 3 REV #1 Free Human Action 1749-1775

Powerpoint for Lesson 1: Module 3-Lesson 1

Lesson 2: Deacon Joe Michalak

Mod 3 REV #2 Conscience Virtues Gifts 1776-1845

Powerpoint for Lesson 2: Module 3-Lesson2

Lesson 3: Dr. Arthur Hippler

Mod 3 Lesson 3-HobbesLocke Chart

Mod 3-Lesson 3-Human Community Personal Sin

Lesson 4: Joe Kueppers

Mod 3-Lesson 4 

Lesson 5: Deacon Gannon (no Handout)

Lesson 6: Deacon Gannon (no Handout)

Lesson 7: Deacon Gannon (no Handout)


Module 2

Lesson 1: Jeff Cavins: Sacraments & the Liturgy 

Lesson 6: Fr. Hoffman: Fruits of Holy CommunionFruits of Holy Communion QuotesUSCCB On Recieving Holy Communion



Module 1

Lesson 1: Jeff Cavins: The Journey Begins Handout

Lesson 2: Fr. Hoffman: Message from Beyond Handout or Jeff Cavins Lesson 2

Lesson 3: Deacon Joe Michalak: Trinity Summary Handout

Lesson 4: Deacon Michalak:Lesson 4

Lesson 5: Dr. Hippler: God's Image and God he Images

Lesson 6: Deacon Michalak: Incarnation and Infancy

Oct. 29: Formative Session Handouts from Fr. Hoffman: Mother Teresa Prayer and Quotes from talk

Lesson 7: Bishop Andrew Cozzens Life of Christ and Paschal Mystery