Dear Student,
You probably have already heard but if not........
Due to the snow storm, class for CI is cancelled for tonight Monday November 10th.
We will need to revisit this lesson &  we plan to record it on Dec 15th (the date we saved for make up lesson).
However due to the presenters schedule we have to continue on with our preset schedule.  So please advance yourself to Lesson 7 "The 5th Commandment Life Issues" which will be the next lesson to be discuss at our Nov.17th class. 
I will see you next on Saturday Nov.15th for the Saturday Formative Session which begins with Mass at 8:00AM.
Stay Safe and Warm,






Opening Mass

Thanks to our many St. Francis students who were able to attend the opening Mass. We are very fortunate to have such wonderful clergy on the altar to celebrate Mass with us.

 Many picked up your workbooks and name tags.  For those that did not, I will bring the remainder to Epiphany for our first class.  Also, it has been brought to our attention that a black leather jacket was left behind in the St. Mary Chapel.  So if it is yours, you many claim it at the front desk at the Seminary building. The staff has it behind the front desk.

See you Monday September 22nd.   Remember we are once again filming the sessions so please be in the gym by 7:00.  If you are a late arrival, please do not enter the gym via the double doors at the center back entrance, but  instead please use the side doors.

Blessings on your week,  Cathie


Welcome Back Class of St. Francis

Here’s a quick update on what is expected of you for your first class on September 22. 

Though the way the workbook is laid out is wonderful, we found that it more fruitful to divide the reading and questions a bit differently in the first three weeks as it gives our instructors more time to spend on aspects that are very rich content and deserve quality time to cover.

Therefore, your assignments for the upcoming lessons are as follows:

For Sept. 22, Intro

 Read CCC 1691 to 1724. Answer the questions 1-4 in Lesson 1



For Sept. 29, Lesson 1

 Read CCC 1724 to 1775. Answer the questions 5 & 6 in Lesson 1 and questions 1 & 2 in Lesson 2.



For Oct. 6, Lesson 2

 Read CCC 1776-1845. Answer questions 3-8 in Lesson 2.


Module 3 Assignments for weeks 1-4

First Formative Session, Oct. 5

On Staurday, October 5, we will have our first Formative Session. There is something special about these days, as you are about to see! The morning begins with the greatest of all prayers, the Mass, folowed by a light breakfast, and from there we move into 2 hours of reflection, meditation, and spiritual direction. So, all you need to bring with you is your Bible, a notebook, and a pen... and a heart ready to reflect on all that your head has been learning these last few weeks.

On this Saturday we will be guided by Fr. Steven Hoffman on "Discovering and Appropriating the Love of God." Fr. Steven grew up in Prescott, WI, where he was raised in the Lutheran faith. After high school he moved to St. Paul and soon after converted to the Catholic Faith.

Fr. Hoffman entered the St. Paul Seminary in 1994, and completed a degree in Catholic Studies at St. Thomas University. After three years in the Major Seminary, he spent a period of 6 years discerning a possible vocation as a religious brother with a community called: the Congregation of St. John.  He spent most of this period in Laredo Texas working primarily with Mexican and Latino Catholics. He served as a deacon for one year with St. Peter’s Church in Forest Lake and was ordained a priest on Dec. 8th of 2007.  St. John Neumann was his first parish assignment. He also spent 6 months serving the Native American community in South Mpls, and now serves St. Luke’s Parish in Clearwater, MN.
Know that we at the Archbishop Harry J. Flynn Catechetical Institute are praying for you. May your hearts be open to what the Holy Spirit has prepared for you to receive this Saturday.

Welcome Class of St. Francis!

Class begins Monday, September 23, at 7pm at the Church of the Epiphany. Homework for the first week is to read pages i -x in your workbook  Pillars: A Journey Through the Catechism.

If you did not receive your workbook on Sept. 16, be sure to check the Class Forum for instructions.


Record Number at the CI Opening Mass!

The Archbishop Harry J Flynn Catechetical Institute celebrated the opening Mass with over 350 students attending on Monday evening, Spetember 16. The students watched as the Catechetical Institute instructors took an Oath of Fidelity and Made a Profession of Faith. Bishop Piche celebrated the Mass and spoke during his homliy of the beauty of not just grabbing the Word of God, but of being grabbed BY the word of God. He then assured the students of his prayers as they travel on this journey from "blessing to blessing."