CI: School of Prayer
CI: School of the Holy Spirit

Coming Spring 2020

CI: School of Evangelization

Coming Fall 2021

Prayer for Intercession

O Saint Catherine of Siena, God our Father enkindled the flame of holy love in your heart as you meditated on the Passion of Jesus His Son. Moved by His grace, you devoted your life to the poor and the sick, as well as to the peace and unity of the Church. Through your intercession, may we also come to know the love of Jesus, bring His compassion to all, and work for the unity of His Church. We ask this in Jesus' Name and for His sake. God, You caused St. Catherine to shine with Divine love in the contemplation of the Lord's Passion and in the service of Your Church. By her help, grant that Your people, associated in the mystery of Christ, may ever exult in the revelation of His glory. Amen.

Module 1

Introduction - Kelly Wahlquist:

Lesson 1- Jeff Cavins: 

Lesson 2 - Jeff Cavins: 

Lesson 3 - Deacon Joe Michalak: 

Lesson 4 - Deacon Joe Michalak: 

Lesson 5 - Dr. Deborah Savage

Lesson 6 - Deacon Michalak: 

Lesson 7 - Bishop Cozzens

Lesson 8 - Fr. Klockeman: 

Lesson 9 - Dr. Flanders: 

Lesson 10 - Linda Corrigan:

Lesson 11 - Dr. Flanders: