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Module 4: Formative Session 1

Elk River — Fr. Innocenti

For those of you in class at St. Andrew's. Here are the lessons from Fr. Innocenti on the March 9. 


Module 4: Formative Session 2

For those of you who were unable to make it to the Formative Session on April 6, below is part 1 and part 2 of "Pray without Ceasing" presented by Linda Corrigan.

You will be responsible to write a 1-page reflection paper, which is due Monday, April 22 or Tuesday, April 23.

 Part 1:

·Part 2:



Module 4: Formative Session #1

Lectio Divina, By Fr. John Klockeman

In this recording, Fr. Klockeman recommends using the upcoming Sunday's readings to choose from for your time of prayer. As this Sunday is Palm Sunday, we like to suggest that you choose a Scripture from one of the days during Holy Week for your Lectio Divina.

Listen to Fr. Klockeman's reflection below:

Module 4-Formative Session 1


Module 3: Formative Session 2

How to Appropriate Our Baptismal Priesthood and Call to Holiness

If you missed the Formative Session, we apologize for the audio. When the Formatvie Sessions were originally created, Fr. Klockeman's lesson was two separate lessons. Since the original recording the lessons have changed and Father has combined the teaching..... which is awesome, but sadly, we don't have it recorded as of yet. It will be recorded professionally next year. That said, if you missed the session, please accept our apologies and know that you have "bye" this time around when it comes to handing in homework.

Listen to the audio file: Fr. Klockeman: Module 3: Formative Session 2


Module 3: Formative Session 1: Part 2

Module 3 Fr. John Klockeman  Virtue: Law Serves Freedom

Part 2