Padre Pio Prayer
May Jesus comfort you in all your afflictions. May He sustain you in dangers, watch over you always with His grace, and indicate the safe path that leads to eternal salvation. And may He render you always dearer to His Divine Heart and always more worthy of Paradise. Amen


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Module 1

Burnsville & Elk River

Lesson 1- Jeff Cavins: The Journey Begins 

Lesson 2 - Jeff Cavins : Message From Beyond

Lesson 3 - Deacon Joe Michalak: The Trinity and The Trinity Summary

Lesson 4 - Deacon Joe Michalak God Carries Out His Plan

Lesson 5 - Linda Corrigan Mankind and the Son of Man

Lesson 6 - Deacon Michalak Incarnation, Mary, Mysteries

Lesson 7 - Dr. Stevenson (no handout)