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Catechetical Institute Fall Life Skills Course Open to All!

The Catechetical Institute invites you to the CI Life Skills course, The Great Adventure: A Quick Journey through the Bible. This 8-week course taught by Bible teacher and Catechetical Institute instructor, Jeff Cavins, will help you understand your faith and deepen your relationship with God by teaching you to read the Bible as a story. Weaving in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, this unique Bible study will show you how a knowledge salvation history and its relationship to Church teaching can help you live God’s plan of sheer goodness! 

Dates: Thursday evenings, October 5 – Nov. 30

Location: St. John the Baptist, New Brighton

Time: 7PM-9PM

Cost: $100 for adults/ $40 for students 18 and under

Course includes: lectures, small group discussion, Bible Timeline chart, workbook, bookmark, and supplemental Catechetical Institute materials.

Register online: 

For more information visit: or call 651-962-5028 

Pray about who you can invite to join you on this quick journey through the entire Bible, and invite them to sign up with you today!


Download Bulletin Here: CI Bible Study Bulletin Announcement