CI: School of Evangelization

Coming Fall 2020

CI: School of the Holy Spirit

Coming Fall 2021


Fellowship After the Formative Session 3-8-14

Join Us at O'Gara's

Class of St. Kateri: All are welcome to join us after Saturday's Formative session at O Gara's. We have a separate room for the CI students to gather for fun, fellowship and food. As we all evangelize post-Catechetical Institute, we need community and this will be a good opportunity to foster community building and bonding in our class as we near our graduation... Will do again in April Session.  Please plan on joining us!

Let us know in the comments if you plan on coming. 


Last Day of Class O'Gara's Gathering

Dec. 9, The Class of St. Kateri Teckawitha is hosting an "End of Semester" gathering at O'Gara's immediately following class. We'll be in the back room and look forward to seeing as many of you there as can make it. It will be a nice night to just chat and perhaps get to know some of those students in your class before graduation. A special thanks to classmate, Mark Joerger, for arranging this. 

O'Gara's is located 5 minutes from UST on Selby and Snelling. From UST, take Grand to Snelling and then take a left on Snelling.


Formative Session Nov. 2 at Owens 

The Formative Session for November 2 will be held at the Owen's Science building. You can still park where you park and you will also have Mass at St. Mary's Chapel. After Mass we'll walk over to Owens for a light breakfast and some inspired teaching from Fr. Klockeman.


Homework for Lessons 1 & 2

Please accept our apologies for the confusion in your homework assignment. Though the way the workbook is laid out is wonderful, we found that it more fruitful to divide the reading and questions a bit differently in the first three weeks as it gives our instructors more time to spend on aspects that are very rich content and deserve quality time to cover.

Therefore, your assignments for the upcoming lessons are as follows:

For Sept. 30, Lesson 1
Read CCC 1724 to 1775. Answer the questions 5 & 6 in Lesson 1 and questions 1 & 2 in Lesson 2.
For October 7, Lesson 2
Read CCC 1776-1845. Answer questions 3-8 in Lesson 2.

 *Please Note: The handouts for each of the upcoming lessons mentioned above are available as downloads on this site.



Communicating with Your Class

This is the place to communicate with your class coordinator and your class. Don't be shy! You'll get a lot of great answers and probably learn some cool stuff.